H&S Representative Stage 3


Trainees who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills to:

Identify the range of physical, emotional, financial and social costs of incidents

Provide an overview of the Accident Compensation Act 2001, and understand its terms and definitions and entitlements

Explain early reporting and intervention requirements

Identify employee and employer responsibilities

Describe the claim lodgement process and requirements for a rehabilitation plan

Use case studies to gain familiarity with interpreting requirements

Identify the impact of workplace injuries in terms of cost

Explain drivers of productivity and their application to workplace health and safety

Use records to identify workplace patterns of injuries and hazards

Prepare a health and safety improvement plan.


Workplace health and safety planning and injury management

Health and Safety Representatives - Stage three is designed to extend the effectiveness of your health and safety representatives, so they can play an active part in both injury management and health and safety planning in your workplace.

The course is suitable for both experienced representatives and others in the workplace with health and safety responsibilities.

Day 1 - Injury Management (US 18411)
Day 2 - Health & Safety Planning (US 25042)


$495 per student