H&S Representative Stage 2

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2 Day Course.

Trainees who complete this course will have knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

A broad understanding of hazards and harm
The legal requirements relating to hazard identification and control
Identifying hazards and assessing risk
Hazard control options, monitoring and review
Purpose of investigating incidents and legislative requirements
Barriers to reporting and how to overcome them
Concepts of multiple causation and root cause analysis
Swiss cheese model used to identify and explain causes of incidents
How to conduct an incident investigation
How to write a simple incident investigation report.


Introduction to hazard identification and incident investigation

Identifying hazards and investigating incidents are two of the key skills an effective health and safety representative should have. Health and Safety Representatives - Stage two builds on the foundation knowledge gained in Stage one. The course introduces important principles and concepts, and includes practical skills to take back to the workplace.

This course has been designed specifically for health and safety representatives, first-line managers, supervisors and team leaders who have acquired a basic level of safety knowledge.

Day 1 - Hazard Identification (US 17602)
Day 2 - Incident Investigation (US 17601)


$595 per student

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